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I have a Belkin N300 router and use ATT DSL. I have no problem hooking up with my modem and accessing the Internet on either my desktop or laptop. The modem and router are both located on the second floor of our two-story house. The issue is that whenever anyone walks through the laundry room (on first floor) into or out of the garage, the connection drops. I'm assuming it's an issue with the router, however, the phone line to which the DSL comes through also accesses the house to the basement on the outside of the laundry room. Anyone have any words of wisdom?
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  1. Probably a bad connection, does your phone cut out or get static etc under same situation? Reminds me of a brief power outage a building I know used to get every time a transport truck drove by, lol. Took them YEARS to figure it out.
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