Connect ANTEC to exstreme 4

Gday Im on my first buil
I have a Asrock extreme 4 and Im trying to hook it upto a Antec High current pro 750w. The Antec is part modular.
The asrock has a 8 pin 12v ATX power connector, that is meant for a 8 pin ATX plug.
The Antec has a few typs of 8pin plugs
A ( 6 + 2 ) that has PCIE written on the plugand joins a antec socket that says PCIE
B (solid 8 pin) that has CPU written on the plug and plugs into antec socket that says CPU
C ( 4 + 4 ) that has CPU written on it and is hard wired Into the Antec
I m guessing the answer is B or C ?
Your help is much apreciated
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  1. You are correct. I'd use C because you don't need to add a cable.
  2. If the socket to the cpu on the board is eight pin then use B.
    The C option is used for older motherboards that used to use a 4 pin type for the Cpu extra power and to provide a bit of extra Juice to the Pci-e of the motherboard That is the reason why it is a 4-4 config for older type boards.
  3. B and C provide the same 12v power. That PSU can be used with dual processor motherboards requiring 2 CPU ATX cables. As per the specs: 2 x 8-pin CPU connectors included for dual-CPU gaming, server applications and high-end motherboards. Using C means one less cable.
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