HD Box to PC to display/projector?

I was wondering if a device that I could use to watch cable TV from my HD Receiver on my PC existed? What I mean is that I would like to have my HD Receiver (link here: http://www.rogers.com/web/content/hdtv_revamp_hw ) connected to my PC, which would be all viewable on a display or a projector. I do not mind if the suggested setup is wireless (via satellite perhaps) or wired (via a few cable and devices). Any ideas?
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  1. when watching tv ,we should have a good projector ,so that what we see are HD !

    mini projector
  2. DrZach21 - Not sure if you're still looking, but something like this Hauppauge Colossus should work for your purposes. Otherwise, I'd consider building an HTPC or just adding a cablecard TV Tuner to your existing PC.

    -Wolf sends
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