This is what they offered me, should i go with it ?

Well couple of days ago i decided to get me a new rig. The purpose of this configuration is to run multiple applications at once (i am talking about 10+ applications here, 5-6 of which take about 800 mb ram memory each). As far as i know, the two most important things i should focus on is ram memory and processor. Graphic card here is not that important, but since i am aiming for 16gb of ram, i was wondering if this is the best combination to go with. If you can think of a better part for this configuration that would fit better, or some of this component is not suitable for this please respond, you could save me a lot of cash :D

This is what i got form the shop:

MB Gigabyte Z77 d3h lga1155 ddr3 1600mhz
cpu core i7-2600 quad 3.4ghz quad lga1155 8mb bc
dimm 4gb ddr3 1600 mhz kingstone cl9 hyper x t

What do you think about this guys ? Should i go with this ? Can you think of something better in this price range ?
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  1. Come on guys, throw me a 2 cents here.. i am real duche when it comes to hardware.
    I like bacon though :D
  2. were are you buying this from?

    what kind of apps are you running

    how much is that config
  3. I was more curious as to the compatibility of these three components. All i know is that 4 core processors are best for multitasking and i need arround 16 gb of ram for all the applications i need to run properly. I was worried if there might be some incompatibility in this three components...
  4. honestly, if you need 16GB now, you might need more later, go for a 2x8GB set (16GB) so you have room for expansion in case you need more

    yes I do know that your apps will use about 8GB and the OS will use another 1-2GB so you already will have quite a bit left over, but future expansion is never bad
  5. That should be fine but I do not think you need a z77 motherboard since there will be no overclocking.
  6. +1 for spentshells.

    you should be getting a h77 board with a i7 3770 if you are not overclocking
  7. Nub question incoming:

    Why should i overclock ? Should i do that if i am getting more ram than what the motherboard can support ?
  8. what?

    overclocking increase CPU performance by raising the clockspeed. it has nothing to do with ram.

    you can only put as much ram as the motherboard can support. 32gb is the limit for most 4 dimm slot motherboards
  9. update: I just checked the online pricing list and it seems i can get an i5-3550 quad core at 3.3ghz processor for half the price of the one mentioned above ? Will this processor be compatible with 16gb of ram, or should i aim for something more expensive like the one mentioned above ?
  10. When it comes to RAM, your processor isn't what you need to worry about for compatibility. Stick with a Core i7 processor though as they have "Hyper-Threading" which allows each core to execute 2 threads at the same time (i5's can only run 1 thread at a time). This should improve running multiple applications a bit.


  11. any 1155 processor that is higher than a pentium class can handle this memory. anything lower just runs it at a slightly slower speed. the cpu plays no part on the amount of memory you can throw at a system
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