Lowering MS Ping

Hello All.

I'm from Australia and currently using TPG.

TPG I found isn't bad, however I'm looking to lower my ping greatly.

I've tried many tunneling services they would take me down to 200ms however this still isn't good enough.

I'm curious, how much is this based on ISP and modem hardware.

Should I be changing ISP's? Should I be changing my belkin modem?

Any suggestions or idea's would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I reason could be the distance to your final destination.

    what model modem do you have?
  2. I'm questioning it because if I use tunnel services I'm only 1 state away from the game server.

    The modem is quite horrible, Belkin N150 standard edition. Do you believe the modem could be the main cause?
  3. does your phone line plug right into the Belkin?

    I am not really a friend of Belkin
  4. I've confirmed it,

    Belkin router was what was going on.

    I changed the Belkin N300 with a Netgear N750 the difference is huge no lag spikes no drop outs, my ping has changed from 465 to 291...

    I'm suprised this was the cause, I never thought modem hardware effected the Internet connection this much.
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