AM3+ board and CPU with AM3 water cooling

I have just ordered a AM3 CPU and a AM3 mother board, but I also brought a water cooling for AM3, this is the cooler: please tell me if the cooler will work, thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes it will work with your CPU. The question is what type of case did you get? Depending on the case you may move need to move one of the rear fans. But other than that, you are all good to go bud :) Do a bit of research before you make such big purchases next time :)
  2. Thank you very much, the case I have got is a 410 phantom. I believe this will have the right amount of space, if not i can easily remover the rear fan, thank again -Brad
  3. Yes it will work, it's your preference where to put the radiator, might need to move those rear fans if you want it there. Also, as long as you installed it correctly and it has no defects then it should work perfectly!
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