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I want to replace my crappy Pentium D 925 3.0 Ghz .,, with something decent... but the problem is my budget ...
i would not like to cross 160-200$

the problem i have been facing is slow slow and very slow computing.... even while doing minimal surfing cpu usage fluctuates abt 40-80% and in gaming it never comes down from 100% ..

i would like a replacement that does burn a hole in my pocket yet delivers optimal performance
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  1. over my budget,.......(in india)
  2. Phenom ll x4 965 BE, a 970 motherboard and with a decent cooler.. Will that fit your budget? I have no idea of computer stores in your country..
    What about an FX-6100/4100 with a 970 motherboard with a decent cooler/stock cooler if you won't overclock..
    Another option is: an i3 processor with an H61 motherboard and stick to stock cooler if you want to save more money for a better motherboard.
  3. If you are sticking with the same motherboard then you need a LGA775 processor. The one I would recommend is Intel Core2 Q6600 - Quad core and 2.4GHz.

    However there is a chance this will not work with your board even though it uses the same socket. It uses a newer architecture than your current Pentium so we would need to know what type of board you have to confirm it.

    If you also want to replace the motherboard - AMD is generally the way to go for value for money. And avoid anything with Celeron written on it. Something like the FX-4 4100 plus a motherboard is just under £110. Not sure how that plays out for you in $
  4. Dude tell me your budget in rs i reccommend you best cpu.
  5. Have you tried formating the HDD and going for a clean install?
    Years and years of driver updates,video codecs and software corrupt the windows registry and mess up your OS.
    The cheapest alternative would be a clean OS install then if it still doesnt perform as you like you better save some $ because as some one said it is a 775 socket mobo and a CPU for that can be extremely expensive simply because they are hard to find.
    Your money would be better put on a new cpu and mobo combo that will last a few years than a "patch" that can go wrong.
  6. For a budget, yet good performing processor, I would recommend an AMD Phenom X4 965 BE. With it's Black Edition designation you can overclock it beyond its stock 3.4 GHz AND it's only $75 at Tigerdirect.com right now. Of course, you'll need an aftermarket cooler. Something like the Cooler Master Hyper 212, which costs ~$25 at Amazon.

    For really good performance, any of the 2nd or 3rd generation i5's will do (The i7 has hyperthreading, but games rarely use that). That i5-2500K/3570K are great for overclocking and cost $200 at Newegg.com (You can get $20 off from a V.me visa promo). However, if that is too much money, you can go for the i5-3470 ($180 on Amazon) or i5-2310 ($165 also on Amazon. The former will offer 1600 MHz RAM speed and better integrated graphics (but really, if you game, you should use a graphics card), etc. but costs $15 more.
  7. hey if u dont want to change ur mobo then go for intel C2Q 8300/8400 (m not sure ur mobo will support or not - mention ur mobo)
    i am using 8300, best performance for the price.
    i bought that 2 yrs back for 7000 rs.
    now u should get it for as little as 5k.
  8. I recommend going with a modern Pentium like a G630 or G860 - that's what I'm doing, and I'm still on a Pentium 4! (Although I love my 4). It's all about preference though, and needs. The Pentiums though fit your budget well, and aren't too shabby - they're very close to the i3 for gaming.
  9. can any LGA 775 support any LGA 775 processor? what are he requisites?
  10. Lga 775 very difficult to find and very costly.you can tell me you budget in rupees.i reccomend you a cpu.
  11. you could get the fx-4300 or fx-6300 alongwith a cheap am3+ mobo or you could get an i3-3220 alongwith a cheap H67 mobo for about the same price as the amd.
    so its upto you to decide to go either amd or intel. also what graphics card do you have ?
  12. :D budget : 8000 totaL (MOBO + CPU)
  13. ok so intel pentium G860 - rs.4500
    gigabyte H61m-ds2- rs2500
  14. how is AmD phenom x2 560 +ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 Motherboard ??

    is it fine??

    i saw the comparison from here
  15. nopes ... i reckon i have to change the mobo ... have ddr2 modules
  16. Get these intel dual core g645-3500,gigabyte h61 d2h mobo- 3000,corsair 4gb ddr3 ram - 1000 total- rs 7500. This is best config.you can easily pair hd 7770 with this without bottlenecking.
  17. mohit9206 said:
    ok so intel pentium G860 - rs.4500
    gigabyte H61m-ds2- rs2500

    dude g860 is not available in india.i have never seen it.
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