Hd 7850

im getting this gpu will ti run ok with a amd phemon x4 840 i just wondering will i need ti oc my cpu for this gpu or should i get a gtx 560ti

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  1. What are your full system specs.?

    Yes your going to need to O.C.
  2. 4 gbs of ram and 600 psu (corsair)
  3. Should be fine. I used to run 2x6950 with an unlocked Phenom II 720BE at stock 2.8Ghz without any bottleneck. Admittedly, your Phenom II is actually an Athlon II & does not have L3 but it does have higher clock.
  4. hey was of getting a hd 6950 but i got told it will bottleneck my cpu
  5. Well, if you believe that, why are you getting the 7850 when it was supposed to be more powerful than the 6950? ;)

    But in any case, I know both the 6950 & the 7850 would not bottleneck you cpu. After all, most games are more gpu intensive than cpu intensive.
  6. i know this a dumb question so u think i should a hd 7850 or hd 6950 and i dont have to oc my cpu
  7. and heres my other choice i was thinking about getting hd 6870,6850,gtx 560ti,gtx570,gtx 480and the gtx 470
  8. When you say gtx 480, are you referring to the $200 EVGA model?
    I say it is a great deal but you have to be aware about the power & heat compared to 7850. Even for $40 price premium I would still go for the 7850. There is actually a $225 7850 if you consider the rebate so that will just be a $25 premium:
  9. I live australia so the prices ar different
  10. Post the link where you buy your pc parts...
  11. I shop at ebay and amazon and pccasegear
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