Need help building a new system

Hey, guys.

It's been a couple of year since I've built my own PC. This year I decided to sell my Imac and buy a great system with a little extra cash.
I need the system for gaming, video editing, video encoding.
This is what I've come up with so far:

1) Intel I7 3770K
2) ASUS GTX670-DC2T-2GD5 (or the DC2 version)
3) ASUS P8Z77-V
4) 16GB G.Skill Ares DIMM Kit (DDR-1600)
5) Corsair HX750
6) Thermalright HR-02 Macho
7) Samsung SSD 830 Series 128GB
8) Samsung F3 1000GB

Haven't choosen a monitor or case yet.
I'd really appreciate some help selecting the GPU and Mainboard since I'm not sure if I should go for the DC2T or just take the DC2. I also saw that the Radeon 7970 received a price reduction and now I'm torn whether I should maybe go for it instead.
I saw that the MSI Z77A-GD65 and ASRock Z77 boards received great reviews here at tomshardware, but I really don't know what to look for in mainboards.
The only thing I'm sure of is that it needs SLI support since I may want to upgrade to a second 670 or 7970 in the near future.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd say the well recommended Asrock extreme 4, has lucid and a load of features it's a really good motherboard. I myself have built 2 of my friends pc off of that mobo and it performs awesome, that cpu will run king on it with your ram as well. As for pricing idk about that much at the moment because i live in aus and idk where you live, but did you think about SLI 560ti? Depending on price wise idk but 560ti sli is pretty hectic. Another choice of mobo is the sabertooth if you want to pull off some hectic OC's.
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