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Hi all,

I have a Gigabyte p35-Qd6 4Gig ram Q9550 and two 5850 in crossfire. I can only play about 5mins with crossfire enabled and then crashes the game without fail. Just bought a new Billon 7800n and a 900watt pwr supply and bugger me it still does it.
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  1. Test both cards separately and see if they both work properly in game.
  2. Which 900w? psu?
  3. Hi running a Antec 900watt power suppy and yes both cards do work seperatly too. :(
  4. That is one crazy expensive router. Its probably not the issue.

    I would do what fantastik250 recommended and test the cards individually. I would also make sure the temperatures of the cards are consistent and are not overheating.
  5. Am sure they are not getting hot, I have the Antec 9 case with two 120mm fans on the front, One at the rear another 120mm on the side, cause I too thought they might get hot as well I also have the monster 190mm fan on top of the box too. I am running both cross fire ribbon cables though, although that’s what the manual states. Lastly have routed all cables neatly away as much as possible without disturbing the airflow.
  6. Which Catalyst driver are you using, have you tried the new 12.6 beta?
  7. Even if they are not overheating, you must check if both cards have the same drivers also if they both work properly. Post back and let us know the results.
  8. Is anything overclocked? If yes, there's a very good chance that's the issue. I had to retest my system very thoroughly after BF3 crashed several times before finally seeing a slight memory issue. Fixed that, never crashed again.

    And I'm also running CF 5850s, BF3 runs great at Very High 2xMSAA 1920x1080
  9. Hi all,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Have had both cards out swapped them and also now only running one crossover ribbon, more on that in a sec. I removed all drivers and now have the latest drivers 8.981.2.0 & catalyst program and the crossfire add on too, out couple of days ago.

    I have used Fur Mark 1.9 and get all the specs, core725mhz and mem1000mhz on both and good results scire 4300 with only one ribbon connected even though the manual states two and only get a score of 2900 when both ribbons are on. weird

    when crossfire is off, BF3 works great but with it on only last about 2-3mins in game?

    All cards running std specs am not overclocking.
  10. How interesting. Did you download the new 12.6 driver (Not BETA) from AMD? They just relased it yesterday. They also released the 12.7 BETA driver now as well.
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