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I currently building my first build i play games every day and i want a good gpu and res will be 1680 by1050 heres my chocies are hd 7770 for 134 dollars,hd7850 $ 250 hd 6870 $130,hd6850$145,gtx560ti$240 if anyone can help me my specs are phemon x4 840 4gbs i havent got psu yet
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  1. Hello skitz,

    The best card out of the bunch is the 7850.

    Tom's Hardware's Best Graphics Cards For The Money: June 2012:
    The new Radeon HD 7850 offers performance similar to the defunct Radeon HD 6970, GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448-core, and GeForce GTX 570, but at a lower $250 price point.

    Moreover, the Radeon HD 7850 does its job using about half of the power as both older boards based on 40 nm GPUs.

    Source: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-4.html
  2. And i was going to add to tht list a hd 6950
  3. The 7850 still performs better than the 6950.
  4. hey skitz confused again?????
  5. So will thehd 7850 be good with my cpu and i wont have to oc my cpu
  6. panwala95 said:
    hey skitz confused again?????

    Nah i was just wondering about these gpu
  7. In my opinion you have a 4-core CPU, as games in the future will use multi-core CPU's, your CPU will become more useful over time. As long as you have sufficient cooling and good airflow in your case, an overclock will help. You don't have to necessarily have to OC your CPU unless you want serious performance from games like Battlefield 3, the upcoming Crysis 3, or a benchmark game like Metro 2033.

    The 7850 is a great card, I think it goes well with your CPU.
  8. Hey how would thehd6970 aganist the hd7850
  9. The 6970 would have a little higher performance than the 7850. The only difference is the power consumption. The 7850 consumes a lot less power.
  10. I will get a 600 or 750 and will the hd6970 run good with my cpu and will games good
  11. Of course. If you are experiencing low fps (which I doubt), you can always overclock your CPU.
  12. Well i will get a hd 6970 and ok cool thanks
  13. Enjoy :)
  14. Hey i wonderin if i get a hd 6950 and use the bios switch to upgrade to hd6970 would i be able to
  15. The BIOS switch only works with early production models. You can't do that now, since they physically laser cut the cards, meaning you can't do a BIOS switch to a 6970.
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