Intel i5 3570k overclocker query

Hi, I have had the following computer for a few months. It was built by Scan Computers UK so they did the overclock.
i5 3570k @4.4ghz(my question is about this)
xfx 7870 @1200/1450
8gb corsair vengeance LP
gigabyte z77.

I just want to know if my cpu is actually overclocked. Thought the overclock is always at 4.4ghz

When you 'overclock these IB cpus. is it the actual speed that is 4.4ghz or the 'boost speed'. (default 3.4/3.8)
I have seen in cpu-z where it hits 4.4, (44x multiplier bus speed 100mhz

I am curious because when I run benchmark like dxdiag, it shows my cpu as 3.40ghz, whilst dxdiag and can you run it shows 4.4ghz in brackets

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  1. And another thing. CPU-z shows my core voltage as 1.320V, is this high?
  2. I would say 1.32v is quite high, but not excessive. The standard voltage is around 1.2v (varies with motherboard) but you obviously have a significant overclock so it needs more power to remain stable. As long as your temperatures aren't soaring it's nothing to worry about.

    I'm not familiar with dxdiag tests but generally programs display the standard/default first, then the actual speed in brackets. So if you are seeing this - i5-3570k 3.4GHz (4.4GHz) - you are running at 4.4GHz.
  3. 1.32v should be ok if you have a good cooler

    check temperatures with realtemp

    if they left power saving features turned on in the bios it wont always be at 4.4ghz

    it will downclock when idle or under very light load

    my 2600k goes from 5ghz down to 1600mhz when idle

    not all programs read overclocked cpus correctly

    cpuz though will be correct
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