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I have a big problem. I ran a game on my computer, it works perfectly till one day when I installed new updates and my display started to display in 8 bits so I rolled back my graphic card. After that, no any games work on my computer. The image simply transform in straight vertical lines, the sound stops, and it need to shut down from the power button. I don't understand why because in past those games ran so I can't understand why they don't run even now....Those are my specs btw:
Graphic card: SiS M760GX
RAM: 640 MB
1.60 GHz
I think a problem is also that my graphic card bios before updates was 3.66.g8 (well not .66 but i don't remember exactly) and now they are 2.27.g8...Help me please!!!!!!!!!
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  1. You said rolled back so i'm guessing just the drivers for the graphics card.
    Did you try to use system restore and go to a date prior to the updates?
    Usually that works for me.
  2. I tried to do it like 5 times...none of the Recovery worked...any Ideas? please!!!
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