N68C-S UCC With Athlon X3 455?

I've decided on a CPU upgrade and checked the CPU support list for my N68C-S UCC Mobo. It says it supports a 78.5W Athlon x3 455 but not a 95W version. I thought this was very strange as I didn't even know you could get 78.5W CPU's!
Just wondered if anyone could clear this up.


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  1. It might be a misprint since the list is full of 95watt CPU's. And if you check out the part number it turns up as a 95watt http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K10/AMD-Athlon%20II%20X3%20455%20-%20ADX455WFK32GM%20(ADX455WFGMBOX).html
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