I7 2600k high temps? Please help

Hello guys,

I have an i7 2600k with a stock intel cooler. It is housed inside a cm haf 912 advanced with all fan slots filled up. My gpu is an asus gtx 560 dcu2.

At idle, hw monitor measures lowest temps at 42 and 52 at highest according to package. I did not overclock the cpu at all. CPU VCORE is at 0.900 at min and 1.164 at max.

But according to asus ai suite, my cpu is at 40 degree celcius as im typing this and vcore is at 0.912 but in hwmonitor currently, package is at 50 and vcore is at 0.912.

The air i feel comming out of my case doesnt feel like 50 degrees. So which one should i trust? Please help me
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  1. some help guys?
  2. i have always found asus ai suite inaccurate

    it measures 10c too low on my 2600k

    try realtemp
  3. i have not had good luck with the asus suite in the past. I usually use a program called Core Temp. Give it a try and see what you get.


    If you are still not getting the temps you like then remove, clean, and reinstall the stock cooler
  4. What is temperature at max load?
    my 2500k was hitting 80c wth stock cooler, they are really bad. No OC.

    try basic stuff, apply paste, reseat cooler. check bios settings, maybe you have setting for target CPU temp and it's too high.

    try to stress CPU with prime.

    Finally upgrade cooler, even cheap models will give you huge difference.
  5. erm.... So may I have your cpu temps for your 2600k? And can i get some other stock 2600k with stock heatsink temps for reference? And is 50 degrees on idle safe?
  6. Erm guys I went to fan Xpert and I saw that i had my fan profile on silent. I am setting it to standard now and i will try again
  7. the stock cooler isnt actually terrible

    its adequate for stock speeds and mild overclocking

    the main issues are usually one or more of the pushpins arent properly engaged

    or the user has added more thermal paste--too much thermal paste acts as an insulator
  8. 50 degrees in idle is a little high.. the concern is what the max is under load..you don't want to exceed 90 degrees
  9. depending on your ambient temperatures

    i would expect about 35c on idle

    and 65c on load at default speed--no overclocking

    this is a rough estimate

    and by load i dont mean prime95
  10. Those temps are not high.

    Run a stress test like prime 95 or intel burn test, then see what you get for temps.
  11. Okay guys, I set my fan profile in ai suite to "turbo" and my cpu now idles at 41-45 on the package. My ambient is around 30
  12. OH yes one more thing guys. I really need to know in AIsuite, when i turn the epu on energy saving, would it reduce the heat on idle? And also will it give similar performance but just reduced temps and power?
  13. that sounds about right as 30c is a high ambient temperature
  14. i dont even use the epu in ai suite

    the cpu still downclocks from 5ghz to 1600mhz and drops voltage when idle

    as long as the power saving features are turned on in the bios
  15. crazypotato said:
    Okay guys, I set my fan profile in ai suite to "turbo" and my cpu now idles at 41-45 on the package. My ambient is around 30

    Depending on what screen you were looking at when you selected "turbo" you may be overclocked now. There's a screen in the BIOS that has three "modes" you can select. "Turbo" is one of those modes and selecting it results in an automatic overclock.

    Check CPU-Z to see what clock speed you are running now.
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