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if i get a hd 6950 and use the bios switch to upgrade to hd6970 is it safe to do
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  1. Some are capable, some arent. But there is no gaurantee it will work. Be on the safe side and run it as a stock 6950 or buy a 6970. If you dont have any experience with GPU BIOS's then dont even try. Most likely youll brick your vid card.
  2. Well im gettin a sapphire hd 6950 tht be ok because i had look on youtube about it and some info and how to do it
  3. I might just try it any tips
  4. Ill reiterate what I said above. And I wouldnt trust a YouTube video for anything. If you dont know what you are doing, leave it be or buy a 6970. Some can be unlocked, some cant. There is no gaurantee and if it bricks it, theres a good possiblity you wont be able to RMA it. Id be surprise if anyone gave you tips here, but they may.
  5. Would a hd 6950 be good for gaming at 1680by1050
  6. Yea the video u how to do it what programs u have use in the video
  7. Do u know frame per sec i would get in gta4 and bf3
  8. How could anyone know the possible FPS youd get? You never posted your system specs. Even with them, who knows. The 6950 is overkill at your resolution for just about any game.
  9. May specs are phemon x4 840 and4bgs of ram
  10. Or should i get a hd 7770
  11. well heres my other chocies if wanted to know them hd 6870 hd 6850 gtx 560ti
  12. or i was going for the hd 6970 but im staying the hd 6950
  13. sry mate
  14. cheers for the info mate have a good one
  15. hey is a hd 6950 an overkill for a 1280 by 1024 screen because going to upgrade in a month
  16. That monitor isnt an upgrade over what you have.
  17. i mean i have a 1280 by 1024 montior now but im upgrading to a 1680 by 1050 montior in a month
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