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Graphics card and psu

Hi,i have the club 3d amd ati radeon HD7870 gigahertz edition,and i have an antec power supply that is 520w,I also have the i5 2400 cpu,and on my box that i bought the graphics,it says that a 700w is recommended.I have an cooler master 700w power supply in my older pc,i would like to know if it will make a difference in my gaming and performance of my graphics card,cuz far cry 3 doesnt run that well as i thought it would run when everything is on ultra and also hitman absolution and when i play call of duty black ops 2 online it wil go 60fps but when i aim and want to shoot an enemy it drops down to 30fps and then later goes back to 60fps.Plz help cuz i didnt pay that much for a card that can only run 2011 games and older :( .
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  1. Your system with HD7870 should run fine on the 520watt Antec, the PSU does not affect performance it is either big enough or not. HD7870 calls for 500watts according to AMD
  2. Thanx but what do you think is the probleme with the 3 new games that lag cuz i have the i5-2400 cpu,8 gig g.skill ram and the hd 7870 and im sure it cant be heat cuz i have like fans for every thing,even my ram has 2 fans.
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    That depends on your resolution and in game settings it is possible that you are demanding to much,3379-6.html
    Online gaming is often suffering from network and server lag.
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