Is this good for the Price?

I like everything on here but i dont know if it is good for the price.
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  1. Buying it as a whole system combo saves you $103. So obviously it's a good price. However, you have to be ok with all the parts on the list. The only things I can really say are I am not a fan of the current AMD chips in a gaming application, but to each their own right? Also, Rosewill isn't exactly known to have good PSU's, however, this is a new model and just glancing over the specs it looks very impressive. It could be a real gem. Next would be the 6950. While this is a good GPU it is also the last series of card. If you are ok with that, then it's fine.

    For $857-$30MIR = $827 you get a complete system (minus OS) with an SSD that can play modern games on. I can't really say much about it if you are ok with the parts list. Since it's a combo there really isn't room to play with components unless you can find individual combo deals to build out a better system for a similar price.
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