Upgrading my PC for more gaming power!

My PC is getting rather old and has done me proud over the last few years but now I think it's finally time to upgrade. I'm looking to either buy a whole new system or just buy separate components and add them into my current tower. Here are my current PC specs:

Intel Core i3 530 @ 2.93GHz
3.00 GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz
Packard Bell FIH57
1024MB GeForce 9800 GT

I'm looking to spend around £500-£600 on a new system or components and I was wondering what new hardware would be good to play todays high end games on my pc and also future games. I also have a 24 inch TFT monitor so I would like a pretty decent graphics card. My PSU is also relatively low spec and around 400W. So maybe just buying a whole new rig would be better? or should I just buy separate components?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Well I don't see any problem just buying all new components and sticking them in your current case as long as the case is big enough for graphics card and has good airflow. What kind of settings are you shooting for here? Ultra or like medium/high. And also do you like crossfire/SLI setups or prefer single gpu?
  2. hey why dont you upgrade to the highest you can get on lga 1156 ie i7-875k and a gtx 670 and also upgrade your ram and you have a perfectly new system!
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