Found an old server and took it apart

Here are the parts i found

Hard drive 1 IBM ic35l073ucdy10-0
RPM 10000 Capacity: 73GB

Hard drive 2 IBM ic35l060avva07-0
RPM 7200 Capacity: 61.4GB

Proccesor Intel Xeon A49925-01

SPI Power Supply 9PA3501303 FSP350-601U 350W

SUNON SQUIRREL fan PMB1297PYB1-AY 3-pin, 8.6 Watts

2x SUNON GM Series 9200 RPM 40 x 40 x 28 mm 17 CFM 12 VDC Vapo Bearing Maglev Fan
Mfr Part#: GM1204PQV1-8A.GN

2x 1gb of ram sticks

2x 500mb of ram sticks

ATI Radeon X1300 256MB PCI-E

Adaptec SCSI Card 29320LP-R

Can someone give me a basic rundown of these parts and thier usefulness? The first 2 harddrive are scsi drives. How can i and should i add this to my current build and will it help performance. And how good/bad is the video card. Also should i put on as much fans as my mobo allows or should i just stick with the fans the case comes with.
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  1. There all a tad old. Video is not much use unless your running some real old games. A 73 GB drive while fast in it's day won't stand up to a new 6.0 SATA drive. This stuff is not much use unless you have some specific need.
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