PC reboots on desktop after new CPU


I am hoping someone can help with a problem I ran in to after installing a new CPU.

AMD FX 8350.

After installing the system ran fine for a few minutes and then restarted. DOS error message on restart said my motherboards onboard surge protection restarted the system due to anti-surge. I went in to BIOS and removed this option.

It then continually reset itself seconds after the windows desktop appeared (Win 7 64bit). It now continually loops as such. No anti surge error(since I turned this protection off).

If I boot in to safe mode, it works fine.

If I reinstall windows, everything is fine until I install drivers for my video card. When this happens, it wants to reboot to install and then falls back in to a reboot loop.

Motherboard, Asus M5 A78L / USB3. Its compatible with this processor, providing the BIOS is updated. On CPU install I am not sure if the BIOS was a sufficient level. I have since updated it, cleared CMOS and reinstalled windows. This ran the PC fine for around 5 minutes and then it restarted unexpectedly and returned to the same loop.

The system always gets to the windows desktop and then reboots. Event viewer shows event ID 41. (Not sure how to pull more information off this, please direct me if appropriate).

I have replaced my previous CPU and everything is fine. (old CPU AMD Phenon II X4 955)

Graphics: Radeon HD 7550
RAM: Corsair 16MB
Power 750W

I also tried removing the new CPU, removing the thermal paste, applying new paste and reseating the CPU. Same problem.

If you require more information, please let me know. I hope someone can help. I appreciate your time.
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    Could be a power supply issue; what brand is yours? I would keep your old cpu or sell it with the M5 board if you don't need it, and get a newer board. They aren't that expensive.
  2. Is a power supply issue still a possibility if it runs fine with another CPU?

    CiT 750W Black PSU 12cm Dual 12v CE PFC Model 750UB
  3. The odds of a bad cpu are low, but you never know. Your board is an older low end chipset. A newer 970 or 990 am3+ board shouldn't have any problems running the 8350 if it's listed under "cpu support" for the board you're interested in. Also the lack of the 8 pin cpu 12v connector next to the cpu socket may be your problem. The 8350 is a high end power hungry cpu and may not run stable with a 4 pin 12v connector.
  4. I have ordered a new PSU, just to rule this out and since my current one is not the most reliable. Probably a worthy upgrade even if its not the source of the problem.

    I only just bought this motherboard and would prefer to upgrade that next. I will update this thread of how these solutions work out.

    Thanks for your input o1die
  5. PSU fixed the problem.
  6. TheSuit said:
    PSU fixed the problem.

    I just upgraded my processor from a Phenom ii black edition three core processor to the Phenom ii x4 965 black edition. I am having the same issue of it rebooting a few minutes after it gets to the desktop, but I Haven't seen a message stating the cause as a power surge exactly.

    What power supply did you have and what did you upgrade to?
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