Thumb drive builer's necesseties??

Okay, so i put the update files for Windows and a few others on to my thumb Drive. But, I've still got 4gbs of space left over. I figured I could use that to store a lot of nice software to put on computers. OR even better software to recover computers. Either way I can change it around.

So, basically I'm asking everyone here to post links or just name about the best software they use that can run off of a thumb drive. I'd like a nice collection from antivirus stuff to assist a friend with an issue without having to install it to his system to many other things like that.
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  1. A bootable Ubuntu installation is great to have on a USB.
  2. guess not too many people use usb drives for a quick fix or set up kinda thing. I thought the idea was awesome to use. store a load of drives or whatever else on a driver. could save many many hours on installations.

    yeah, I've got a disc for literally every version of linux mint and ubuntu. Then another 6 OS's including windows. soo many DVDs for this. Then I've got a few usb drives for windows and linux. Never used ubuntu too much. as recently I've been finding a very large number of incompatibilities with it and Nvidia gpus. which is what I prefer.
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