Is it worth it???

ok so im debating on this sound card

mainly because its 46% off for their year end sale. i have been curious about the positional sounds with a dedicated sound card such as the recon3d for fps games which is all i play on pc.

would the recon3d be a big step up from onboard which is Realtek ALC887 from this board

any input would be appreciated and my headset is steelseries siberia v2.
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  1. It would be a step up from motherboard sound, but not a big step. The SNR on the Creative sound card is better so you will get a little improvement in that respect. I would look at a ASUS Xonar unit that would fit your budget.
  2. I personally did notice the difference from ASRock z77 extreme4 onboard audio, to a Creative labs Audigy SE (old sound card). Music sounded better in the latter (music at 320kbps) So I would recommend it, but I dont really think you will notice anything while gaming since your attention will probably be focused in shooting around!!
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