Do all usb speakers have internal sound cards

i have a busted sound card, and it is integrated, and i do not want to switch motherboards and i hear that some speakers have internal sound cards built in, so i am wondering whether all of them internal sound cards, or if only certain ones have one.
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  1. Have you checked your speaker connections carefully, and windows device manager for missing sound drivers?
  2. Hi :)

    No...just buy USB DONGLE/SOUND CARD they are REALLY cheap...under £10/$10

    All the best Brett :)
  3. yes, i have checked the device manager, i have searched on Google for solutions but every thing did not work, the sound did appear once, but afterwards it was dead. i will see if i can find a USB dongle sound card that will fit my needs. so thanks for the help :)
  4. You may just want to spend the money on a dedicated sound card. USB will produce sound through emulation software which will tax your processor even more. Sound production takes a decent amount of processing. If you get a dedicated sound card you will reduce the strain on your processor and be able to use any headset on the market, not to mention a dramatic increase in sound quality. Your processor was most likely doing all the work for your on-board card too, so you may see a noticeable performance increase depending on which processor you have. I always look at these situations as, "If I need to spend more than 20-30 dollars to fix the problem anyways, I might as well spend a little extra money and fix the problem correctly."

    Putting band-aids on it like USB emulation devices only decrease performance, can add to weird software glitches, and you'll end up giving them to a friend or throwing them out when you upgrade your system because you won't want to put a slow component in a system you just built.
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