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please help me, i want to make a message to my monitor screen, when somebody unlock my computer they can read my screen message and after a few minute it will vanish, how will i do that? please help me, thank you
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  1. You mean like a program? What do you mean ms dos?
  2. a short program command in ms dos? is it working?!
  3. you can have it pop up a message to users attempting to log on.
    what os do you have.
    for xp and 7
    click start and type secpol.msc
    click on local policies > security options > scrolll down to "interacitve logon : message text for users attempting to log on " and double left click that
    type your message to anyone attempting to log on.

    hope this helps.
  4. because i don't have any program launcher here in my work computer, only ms command.
  5. thank you so much great randini, i will try
  6. You could write program in some programming language for that, shouldn't be hard launching it from command prompt.

    Something like this (took c++ as an example):

    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    int main()
    cout << "HERE IS YOUR MESSAGE!" << endl;
    return 0;

    You'd need a compiler installed on that computer to make it work. On most work computers, it's installed.
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