What;s wrong with my dvd player?

For some reason, my DVD/CD player on my Dell Dimension 5150c won't play any games. It doesn't even recognize them, so it says that nothing's in them, even when there is. It doesn't have a problem with CDs, only games, and I know the games aren't damaged because they work on other computers. I'm thinking maybe the DVD has some outdated driver? I had some outdated drivers for my sound card, so it wouldn't recognize any of the speakers I was putting into it, but once they were updated, it worked perfectly, and recognized the speakers. If it is the drivers, please give me a link that lets me downloads the correct drivers, but if you don't think it's the drivers, then please tell me in detail (not too technical, please) what might be the problem and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. are the games compatible with your system specs?
  2. i've checked, and yes, the specs all work out
  3. check the sata cable (or IDE) connecting the CD/DVD rom to the system. Make sure it is well seated. Failing that it s either a driver issue or your CD/DVD rom is going bad.
  4. DVD drives does not require any drivers according to my knowledge.
    The operating system already have them.

    Is your drive working with other DVDs?
    Then it should work with games.
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