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Been playing PC games for years and I feel it's time for a new PC. I have many questions to ask that will hopefully help me purchase the right machine for what I want. These are requirements they can slightly be altered depending if it's worth the price.

So my budget is £800-£1250 roughly I will mainly be using it to play High end games eg. Crysis 2, BF3 on Highest settings.
If you can provide links of where I could purchase a pre-build with good customer service/trust that you have used before or know of would be awesome.
I would like it to be upgrade able.
Is it worth getting sound card or going with on board for precise sound on FPS games.

I made this thread in Pre-built but it's not a must just easier for me. If you can explain why you chose the components and the life expectancy of the machine that you suggested to help me get idea of what I'm purchasing.

That's all I can think of now, appreciate all the help thanks in advance.
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  1. if i was building a system today for 1000.00 us. i would use a intel ib i5-3570. you caqn find this cpu at micro center or new egg in the us for 170-190.00. I would use a z77 mb if you wanted to drop in an i7 cpu at a latter date. i would use a 660/660ti when the came out for the video card (250.00). 8 gig of ram and a 128g ssd. latter this year if the ib 2011 drop i would build a system around the 2011 ib cpu. just use a good brand of a power supply and a good after market cpu cooler.
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