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Need help. I think my PC is overheating

I have been a regular visitor of this wonderful website which has helped me solve many problems in the past. Just recently My PC Slowed down considerably after which the local store tells me that my hard disk was 99% gone and hence I got a replacement. The speed seems to be normal but I am facing a new problem. As soon as I power up the system , the CPU light turns on, so do the fans and then it shuts down, repeats itself and then boots up normally every time. This problem has started after the new hard disk .

Also, I ran a test called PRIME 95 and real temp showed temperature of 100 degree C within the first 2 minutes of running the program, so I turned it off.

My specs are
i7 920
Asus rampage 2 gene Motherboard
Nvidia GTX 260 graphics card

My CPU Cabinet is really cheap and has 2 fans on it. Also, I have no idea about my PSU .
I would really like to know if this is a hardware problem and what parts must I replace. Thank you. If you need any more info let me know!
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  1. Well it could be a problem with your ram and not allowing your system to post correctly or your cpu could be overheating, try to push in any pins or screw in any notches when you check your cpu to make sure its correctly in there if you want to you can try to give it a little push and see what it does if its overheating to make sure its clamped in there, and try to switch out memory locations if possible. Best of luck!
  2. Go into the BIOS configuration screen and save the settings (usually F10). That may resolve your issue at power up.
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    100C in 2 min means either you have very poor air flow,the heatsink is not properly installed or the thermal paste has died.

    I wouldnt worry with the shutdowns for now because the way your CPU is overheating you can kill it very fast.If the pc was assembled at a store I would take it there as soon as possible and wouldnt turn it on until the cpu heat problems are gone.

    The shutdowns can be from your CPU heating you fast(doubtful if it reboots after being off for hours),ram(simply because there are dead sectors that the mobo can't read) or your PSU dying.

    But first go fix the overheat problem.And get some fans in the case,it really helps to keep all your components from overheating and therefore starting to malfunction.
  4. 100C is way too much! Are you sure the cooler is sitting properly on the CPU? What cooler have you got?
    Try to start with just a single memory module.
    Try to reset the BIOS.
  5. double posting is a common issue on asus motherboards

    update to the latest bios

    if you have the latest bios try

    enter bios--go to Advanced’ tab -> go down to ‘APM’, press Enter -> enable the Power on by PCIe.


    press f10 to save and exit bios

    edit--but first as mentioned check your heatsink is properly secured as thats more important to get the temperatures down 1st then sort the double post
  6. Hi,
    THank you guys for the quick responses. I am not very good with computers to be honest and so cannot tell you for sure whether my heatsink is ok , I did log onto the bios page and did not understand much. Though here are a few things

    Boot settings config
    Quick boot enabled
    Full screen logo enabled
    Add on ROM display mode -- Force Bios

    Extreme tweaker
    Tuning mode -- Extreme OC
    CPU level- auto
    Memory level up-- Auto
    CPU TUrbo power Limit-- Enabled
    Mem recheck- enabled.

    Also, Real temp shows my CPU temperate at 50 degree C at 1.6% load.

    I guess my option is to head to the store to get a new PSU and cabinet. Correct? Is there any way to tell if my Motherboard or processor is affected? Thanks again. Sorry for being such a noob haha
  7. not sure it should be set at Tuning mode -- Extreme OC

    but you could try loading the bios defaults

    usually done by pressing f5 when in the bios

    then f10 to save and exit

    dont think you need a new psu and case

    if it didnt overheat before
  8. Hi,
    I changed the extreme OC option to the other available option (gaming) ran prime 95 and the temperature is still at 100 degree C..

    Also, I did as you asked and enabled PCIE. But the PC still continues to boot twice before actually starting up. The boot could not be a cause of overheating . Any other suggestions?
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