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So does increasing my Ram from 8GB DDR3 to 16GB DDR3 will do any good ? I just don't wanna end up finding that there is a new DDR4 ram which requires for sure a DDR4 slot which will naturally need a new MOBO .... and there is no DDR3 anymore by that time what happened to the DDR2 before.

My specs are :
AMD FX-8120
Kingston 2X4GB DDR3
Radeon HD7950 3GB
3.0TB WD Green
PSU 500Watt Cooler Master
Gigabyte 9780A-D3 motherboard
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  1. 8GB is plenty currently for most uses.
  2. Yup I know I just want a definition to the word "currently" is it 1 , 2 ...5 years or more or less ... you know I just spent a lotta cash in my last upgrade and I wanna make sure that it will not happen again in the near future :)
  3. That would be speculation but I would say for the lifetime of the current WIN OS's and or rig.
  4. You're gonna have to upgrade everything before you'll need to add more RAM.

    Hell, you don't actually need much more than 4 Gigs right now.
  5. Hi :)

    I doubt you would even notice between 8 and 16...but ram is cheap...

    All the best Brett :)
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    Unless you run a lot of programmes at the same time you would NOT notice any difference at all. Nor it will help you with any games at least for the next 2 years.

    The RAM market is in crisis at the moment, they made too many modules they can't sell therefore the price per module is very low at the moment. If you want to upgrade by all means do so! I would highly recommend GEIL memory or Samsung!

    The DDR4 is not needed at the moment, because these days memory controllers are integrated inside the CPU not on the motherboard chipset, which means faster memory doesn't make your computer significantly faster and the difference between 1333Mhz RAM and 2133 Mhz is less than 5% for many modern systems, it also means that using DDR4 wouldn't make any difference compared to DDR3, it would just reduce the power consumption a little and it would be double the price of the DDR3.

    Say thank you to AMD who integrated the first memory controller to the CPU.

    ITFT Computers
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  8. Thank you guys for all the replies I received and I decided to get another 4GB making a total of 12GB and that's it LOL no more ram for me this season ...many thanks
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