ASUS DirectCU II TOP GTX 560 Stuttering

So, whenever i play battlefield 3 or RIFT, i get this weird stuttering when it starts to render something. Also when i get close to some texture or mountain then it starts to get more sharper as in it was just being rendered. It really annoys me.

Whats the worse is just the microstuttering and all... I have 30+fps at all times, but it feels like i have 5-10 because of the microstuttering and "frame skipping?". I have no tearing.

ANy suggestions ?
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  1. I have a GTX 560 as well but never had any problems with it, However my freind has a 550ti and had exactly the same issue, he downgraded his drivers and voila he was fine again. Also the stock ASUS pc doctor (or whatever its called) made my WoW gameplay sub 10 FPS so try uninstalling that.
  2. i dont have any ASUS utilites or whatsoever.

    Also my GPU usage and temps are fine aswell... Altho gpu usage goes from 40-60 all the time.

    How to downgrade drivers ?
  3. Quote:
    /The issue is with certain 301.xx drivers, the GPU does not speed up to it's 3D clocks.

    Install 304.48 Beta to stop the issue :)

    is this a 100% guaranteenment ?
  4. downloading from theyr official website at 2kb/s.. while the 301.xx driver is 1mb/s...

    dafuq o.O
  5. nope, beta drivers didnt help... still microstuttering and slow rendering for objects in games.
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