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Okay so i'm planning to build a entry level online gaming and for everyday use PC(i'm not into first person shooting 'cuz i feel dizzy while playing :na: ) and my problem is what PSU to use? :)

here are the components that i'll be buying in ten days(January 10):

Processor : AMD Trinity A6-5400k ($67)
MoBo : Gigabyte GA-F2A85X-D3H ($99.80)
Video Card : Sapphire HD 6570 1GB GDDR3(too bad A6 can't XFire 6670 :( ) ($57.20)
Memory : Corsair Vengeance 4x1 DDR3 1600 ($30)
HDD : Western Digital Caviar Blue ($55.99)
Optical Drive: some cheap DVD-RW from my old pc
Case : I have Antec 600SE(not so really bad choice :) ) ($58.42)

I'll be choosing from three Brands :bounce: :
Corsair- ($41.14)
AeroCool- ($53.55)
Cougar- ($45.03)
Corsair $409.55
AeroCool $421.96
Cougar $413.44
Can you please help me choose a reliable PSU?
I live in the Philippines so that's the only choice that I've got(don't hit me for my bad English :D )

This will be my first build :bounce:
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    Get the corsair, it's a decent quality psu, 450w is more than enough for your system.
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  3. Thank you for enlightening me! ^^, so i guess i'll go for corsair.

    Thanks alot!!
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