Asus GTX 670 in Antec 300 case

Hey guys...about to buy a Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II card and a Antec 300 case (my desk will only hold a case 48cm high and 22cm wide)
I was wondering if the card will do well in this case in terms of air flow and size? and if thats no problem, then is SLi a possibility in the future? because this will make a difference to what PSU i buy
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  1. the card should fit fine and airflow will not be a problem as long as you organize your cables neatly.

    as for SLI, the asus card's terrible for it because it's triple slot. SLI leaves no room for cool air intake for your top card and it'll heat up a lot. if you want to SLI, I recommend getting a two slot card. otherwise, I've seen plenty of people SLI or x-fire in that case
  2. i think the one im getting is a 2 slot

    would this in SLi be fine in a Antec 300?
  3. oh duh! forgot the ASUS 670s are 2 slots... yeah, they'll SLI fine if your motherboard leaves 2 slots between the 2 main PCIe slots. most good motherboard companies do that now
  4. itl sit in the Asrock extreme 4...hope that will be ok
  5. that's an excellent board. the layout's great. it should be fine. plenty of room between 2 cards
  6. think im going to put it in a Fractal R3 case after all...thatl give it some more room to breath
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