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Hello everyone,

I am experiencing an odd issue that I have never encountered before. When I FIRST come home from work and power up my PC , it looks like it is 100% operational (all fans moving and all lights on) however I get no display and I noticed that my Razer Nagga Mouse and Logitech g510 keyboard do not light up as usual nor is the LCD screen operational on the keyboard. The monitor goes through the cycle of checking all ports before going to sleep. If I hold down the power button to do a manual shutdown and then simply press power once again , everything loads 100% normally. It loads as fast as it ever did, but not until I power it up once , manually shut it down via button and then power it up again.

I built the computer piece by piece from an HP tower, all that remains from HP is the 2nd HDD and a heavily modified case. Here are the specs if it helps.

MoBo: MSI 890GXM-G65
8GB DDR3 1333mhz
Phenom IIx4 630@2.8ghz (OC'd @ 3.4) Dual Fan copper heatpipe cooling
MSI GTX560-ti Twin Frozr II
OCZ Sata III 256 GB SSD - WD VelociRaptor Sata III 600GB HDD - Stock(forget what brand) 500GB HDD

I have checked my connections several times with the HDMI cable, I have tried powering the monitor off and then on. This has been happening for about a week now , everyday without fail. I always shutdown from windows if possible via selecting start>shutdown.
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  1. I guess I forgot to ask a question....

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be causing this? Anything I could do or try to fix it?
  2. I'm not sure if this will help but,

    It happended once before to myself and realised that i had a screw missing that attaches the mobo to the case,

    I can't remember where I read it, but supposedly it makes a difference?

    Can someone who is more experienced clarify whether the screws that attach mobo to case plays a role in the conduction or completion of any circuits on the mobo.
  3. hmm I am very skeptical of that being the reason, I have seen motherboards operate outside of a case sitting on a table with no screws. Also the computer has ran fine for the past ~8-9 months without it being opened and this is a new issue with in the past week or two.

    It is very possible I missed a screw however and I do thank you for trying to help , if all else fails I will inspect the holes
  4. what is your psu also did you try the system with only the ssd on not having the hhd plug on power or on the motherboard
  5. MK 750W - company is MK power. I have not tried this but I also have been powering up fine for 8 months with the system in its current state. Is this something I should try regardless? Could one of the HDDs failing prevent it from loading? My windows is on my SSD but my paging file and things of that nature are on the HDD, If I remove the HDD will those files being missing prevent windows from loading?
  6. I'm just going to throw out a few suggestions i doubt it will have much to do with it but it quite possibly might, as said further up ^ screws missed in the motherboard can cause short circuiting that can cause these kinds of problems, also check the cords routed behind your motherboard, If one of the cords is like sitting against the little prongs on the back of the mobo it can also cause shortcircuits, my pc used to power up for about 5 seconds then just die and try and power up again and do that over and over. I checked all connections put the last mobo screw i missed it and moved cords away from the back of the mobo, (because in transit they moved over ), but yeah try having all your motherboard screws in not to tight and not to loose just right ;). Check all your connections inside and make sure nothing is touching circuits to cause the short of not booting properly, it fixed my boot problem. But as i said i don't know if it will do anything. Could be a sign of your psu dieing "maybe", another option is to borrow or buy a Tester and test all the connections of the psu, or if you can borrow/have another psu on hand try that out with everything, hope i could help :)
  7. your board need 8 screws i would try to remove the old hdd 500 first
  8. Thank you all for the help, I will be going away this weekend and I will try checking both the board screws as well as removing the HDD when I return on Monday. If I have any other questions I will be sure to ask and or let you guys know what fixed it. Thanks again everyone.
  9. be around if you need more help
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