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CPU upgrade

I have a Intel B830

I want to upgrade to a i3

Do the have the same pin count?

I can lookup my motherboard if needed

I have a Gateway NE56R31u
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    Like I tell everyone, if you have a laptop don't bother. It's more work to upgrade a laptop CPU than to reassemble a whole desktop 12 times. On top of that, your motherboard may not even support an i3, and honestly, you can make a Celeron work fast and well - just not with Windows. I really wouldn't bother my friend.
  2. ok, then how hard and expensive is it to replace the whole motherboard with a nice new cpu?
  3. Very hard, and can be very expensive - even if you send it to Gateway they'll charge you like, 500$ for a new board, processor & all the work, which isn't worth the price.
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