Looking for a case and PSU now :)

right so here is my list so far
i5 3570k intel
P8Z77-V mobo
Cosair 8gb ram @ 1600mhz
EVGA gtx 670 ftw

what PSU + case would you recommend..? i don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a case.. i just need something which will fit everything in and keep it cool no flashly lights and that nonsense !

also how many watts would i need? Im not thinking of going crazy and overclocking to 5ghz and im not planning to sli in the near future

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  1. The corsair 300R is ok

    Id prefer the antec 300 TWO , antec 1100 , or even the budget antec ONE

    For a PSU you will need a 500 watt unit to power your pc . If you might ass a second graphics card at some stage then a 750 watt unit might be worth buying
    80+ bronze or better rated
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