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GTX560 OC for $135... yay or nay?

How good of a deal is a GTX560 OC for $155 w/ $20 MIR?

There have been too many graphic card sales lately and I just couldn't keep up anymore, so I thought I'd ask for someone else's opinion.

As far as I know, the GTX460v2 1GB OC go for about $115 after MIR... so I think $20 is not a bad price premium..
I'm not sure how much GTX560Ti 1GBs go for... I think the cheapest I've seen is like $170 after MIR?

The graphic cards in question are:



The EVGA has a higher overclock, but I THINK ASUS' cooling is better? I could be wrong...
Either way, they're both the same price...

I need to get two graphics cards for an SLI configuration. I can't get anything more powerful than this as my CPU will bottleneck (AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 4.0Ghz) and no, I won't be upgrading the CPU anytime soon.... *sigh*

EDIT: I'm playing @ 1080P resolution with everything maxed btw... Thanks!
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  1. Get the Asus. Trust me. Mine gives amazing performance for its price.
  2. That's a very very very nice deal. I'd take it.
  3. I fixed the links, my bad.

    I need to buy two for an SLI config. The thing is that eVGA only allows 1 mail-in-rebate but the ASUS allows 2... weird.

    So it's either EVGA+ASUS or ASUS+ASUS.. ha xD
  4. Asus+Asus so that it looks cooler when you open your case. That and if you get EVGA+Asus and the Asus has lower clocks then both cards will run at those speeds.
  5. That's true.. if I somehow decided to go with the EVGA+ASUS config... I could always try to OC the ASUS back up to 900Mhz to match the EVGA... but then.. the coolness factor LOL =="

    I'm just having a hard time letting go of the EVGA since everyone's all like "zomg EVGA support <3<3<3<3<3"... which is true, I guess==" but ASUS shouldn't be bad either. I wonder which is better at cooling since I'm going SLI.

    What kind of temps are you getting your GTX560 TOP?
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    If you have a good card, you won't need good support. My card usually idles at 32-36*C and reaches 69*C under load (BF3, Skyrim and NFS: The Run). Note that my case has really poor air flow. Also, now that it's summer, it idles at ~45*C but that's because my room gets very hot. The maximum temps go to 74*C. I've never seen it go above that. The only time was when it was initially stress tested to see if it worked, then it reached 91*C. But I wasn't there :D
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