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I just ordered all my new parts for my computer today and received them except the processor hdd sdd and the gpu will be here friday. Well I hooked everything I have so far up and turned it on and nothing. Not even a fan will move.. I'm freakimg out that maybe the psu is dead? Idk someone please help.. I expected at least an led on the mobo to be on but nothing please help and thank you!!!
Asrock extreme4 lga1155 motherboard
Sony 24x drive
Rosewill capstone 650w 80+gold psu
8gb (4gbx2) gskill ripjaw x
Nzxt phantom case
This is all I have hooked up right now please help me to determine if my psu is dead. Thanks in advance
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  1. check ALL motherboard plugs, and that you didn't use an 8-pin PCIe plug in the 8-pin motherboard plug (it takes 2 4-pins)
  2. Check if anything is being shorted out against the case.
  3. no beeps or anything? hmm...well...from what i've read it looks like some motherboards won't turn on without a CPU. To see if your PSU is dead, try shorting a green wire and a black wire with a paper clip. That doesn't necessarily mean the PSU is without problems, but at least you'll know if it's working.
  4. what happens if i short a green with a black? and which plug do i do that with? this is a non modular psu and i did make sure i plugged the right things in the right spots. :/ i dont know what it is.. this is my first build and i really didnt want a dud on the first try..
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    If you short a green wire with a black wire (be sure to use some rubber gripped pliers to hold the paper clip), it will turn on the PSU. The green and black wires are on the 20+4pin motherboard plug. Before you try this, however, make sure the switch on the back is set to the on position, and that the switch for voltage (115V or 230V) is set to 115V. make sure you pushed the motherboard connector in all the way too. If these don't solve the problem, THEN try the paperclip method. Again, it won't definitively tell you if the PSU is properly working, but it will at least tell you if it's dead or not.
  6. Ok I tried plugging in my external hard drive into both the USB 2.0 and 3.0 in the case and not directly on the motherboard and it lit amd spun right up so idk both the 2.0 and 3.0 are connect to the motherboard via cables but no fans or anything will work still
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