AMD phenom II X6 1090T

I went out and left my pc on at home last night for 3 hours while i went to see a friend, the pc was on it's desktop and was downloading something in the background. When i got home the PC seemed to have been turned off. Whenever i try to turn it on now there is a little blue light that comes on (on the motherboard) for a split second and the CPU heatsink will spin for a split second. I have tried multiple different PSUs so i have come under the impression it is not a fault with the PSU, now i'm wondering if it is a fault with the motherboard or the CPU.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i am not against replacing any of the party i would just rather know which piece it is i do actually have to replace.

PC specs
Msi - 870-G45
AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
2X2gb ram (tried just one stick and switching them around, still nothing)
radeon HD 6790
550W psu + serveral others if need be.

Thank you so much guys.
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  1. iI 'D say it's the board . lots of MSI 8 series board failures , with a 125 watt 100 cpu that's my bet . Does your board have 4 led lights for cpu phase mode ?
    I have an MSI board that I am playing withbought for $56.00,don't really expect it to last , bought a spare because of the failure rate . I can tell you this , the power regulation is not great .
    Get an Asus or Gigabyte890 or 990 board , much better .

    Can you test the cpu in another known good board ?
  2. It's the only board i have atm that has the ability to run AM2-3+ cpus, a single light flickers on and then everything dies. I haven't really messed around with CPU overclocking or anything so perhaps it is the motherboard, it was pretty cheap so i guess i'm getting what i paid for as i've had it for around 2 years now.
  3. Well I wait for some more advise from the experts , might be a ttest or 2 they could have you run to narrow it down . I'm just taking a guess , based on MSI teliability and the fact your psu is good and cpu don't burn out often . How about did you test with another vid card ? Try dif slots for the card ?
  4. Sounds like the board to me. You can try to take the CPU out of the board and plug in the fan with the CPU out, and power it on, if it does the same thing, Im dead sure that its the board. If the CPU was to blame, its like an HDMI cable, it works or it dont, It will never turn on for a few sec then shut completely off, If the CPU were to be unstable the board would continue to restart, Stuck in a loop more or less.

    Also you can try to take the Cmos battery out for 30sec, but unplug the PSU from the wall before taking the battery out, that way you know for sure it will reset the cmos.

    Also take note that the Msi - 870-G45 is know to have problems with the Phenom II x6 CPU's, usually the mosfets burning up, that normally happens when OCing the CPU, but I have read some fourms on and on Tom's where keep the x6 CPU at stock can mess some boards up as well. If you do plan on getting a replacement, I would stay away from the Msi - 870-G45 or any 870/890 chipsets because of the issue, you can get an ASRock 970 Extreme3 mobo for $79.99 on newegg if you are from the states, Cheap and is a vary good board for the price. Had my 1100T at 4.1ghz on it with a little vdroop. Also it has cooling on the mosfet area.
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