Nvidia 301.42 unstable with GTS 450?

I recently updated my driver to 301.42 and not my previous stable OC keeps locking up... EVGA GTS 450 SC @ 920mhz core, I lowered the core clock by 5mhz to 915 and it seems to be stable now but why does/has this new driver caused instabilitys to begin with?... It plays games ok at 920mhz it just seems to happen when browsing (Mainly when the clock speeds jumps up/down) saying that though 5mhz is less then a 1% drop in performance... so it shouldn't make much difference. Has anybody else experienced problems with the new drivers on older cards? (400 series maby?)
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  1. my previous driver was 295.??
  2. thanks for the fast reply recon-uk :D I will do that thank you
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