Not sure if hyper 212 working right

Hello, I have the hyper 212 cooling for my cpu. Whenever i run high demanding games like crysis (1 moniter) or even world of warcraft (on trip moniter setup) the fan makes some weird noises. If you have ever put a piece of paper in a room fan it makes a noise kind of like that. is this supposed to be happening?
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  1. Fan blades hitting against heatsink or some wire maybe? Bearings of the fan going out? At worst maybe, you could keep the heatsink but simply put in another fan.
  2. Probably just the fan kicking in at high RPMs...if you can record the sound, It would help....
  3. no there shouldnt be any unusual noises, it might be the one of the labels wrapped around the fan wires getting sucked in on high.
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