new system psu advice really needed and graphics card advice too

hi guys i need some elp i am buildig a custom pc with an intel coe i3 socket 1155 2120 cpu, 8gb kingston ram, ocz 128gb ssd hard drive slimeline dvd writer and an ati passive cooled graphic card with an asus mini itx motherboard and i m ptting it into a custom build case ihave built myself out of cler acrylic. but in order to shoehorn it into the case i have no psu in the case. however i have heard ofa thing calld a pico psu and in understand that these are available at up to 120 watts easily in the uk does anyone know would this power my system are they any good and would 120 watt work? thanks

also need advie on a good lower powerin erms of wattage card i prefer ati but dont mind geforce but t has to be passive cooled and low profile or at let half height otherwise it ould not fit in case thanks
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  1. do you really need such a small system? a micro-atx is pretty small.

    i really dont recommend getting psu s that small.

    what is your budget, parts not required, and are you going to oc or SLI?

    i can build something better most of the time
  2. Now-a-days, mATX cases have support for ATX Power Supplies.
  3. case is cuistom made out of acrylic and its micro itx sorry my mistake not going to overclock just ned it to play basic games
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