Intel core i5 3210m thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the intel core i5 3210m for everyday use, gaming, etc?
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  1. Unless you really really need portability, then get a desktop PC & CPU for gaming.
  2. Yeah I know that a desktop is more capable than a laptop but I need a laptop for portability. As the one I'm going to buy has the i5 3210m @ 2.5.
  3. i5 on laptops are dual cores

    thats why for my gaming laptop i just upgraded to an i7 QM
  4. hafijur said:
    3210m is very fast dual core. What is the graphics card, it will suit well with a 650m on every game at high/ultra.

    Yep with nivida geforce 650 with 2 gb of mem
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  6. hafijur said:
    I am getting an i5 3317u 17w with 640m and 640m is slightly slower then 650m.

    Cool happy gaming
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