Corsair Carbide 400r vs Antec Three Hundred Two

Hi all,
I am going to be building my first gaming rig soon and I was wondering which would be the best case for my needs.
I would like a case with good cooling and plenty of space to fix my GPU and CPU cooler in.
My Graphics Card will be a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 and my CPU cooler will be a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.
I am caught between the Corsair Carbide 400r and the Antec Three Hundred Two. However if you have any other suggestions they would be gratefully recieved.
The corsair carbide is about £65 (used but like new) on Amazon.
The Antec Three Hundred Two is £51 (new) on Amazon.
My budget for the case is about £60 but I can stretch to about £70 if really necessary.
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  1. I own a 400R and it's great:

    Plenty of space, good cable management, great air flow options, and just generally builder-friendly.

    If this is the Antech you are talking about getting:
    ...the 400R is considerably better. (although I like the socket fan option on the Antech)
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