Gigabyte DS3R P35C Socket LGA775 - constant short beep

I've taken out all the parts, tried a different PSU, and I'm quite certain it is the motherboard that's broken, but what I want to know is - I powered it up without the CPU and no beeps, put CPU back in and beeps again. Would this be normal behavior for it not to beep without CPU?

I'm just a tiny bit unsure, a new motherboard would be £100 so for it then to be the CPU would be quite annoying. It's either one or the other.

Just constant short beeps until switch off - this is with nothing but the CPU + Mobo powered.
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  1. hello... put in 1 memory stick now... Verify cpu fan-motherboard connection... powersupply cpu-motheboard connector and repeat power on...
  2. Ok I took out the mobo, refitted the CPU, put in 1 stick of ram and it seems to post although the post beep is a strange combination of 2 beeps speaking over the top of one another making a not so healthy sound, but the constant beeps stop. I put in another stick of ram and it seems to be running and posting fine.

    I've done this before and it didn't work then. Is there a specific combination that I didn't try or something?
  3. hello... sometimes the ram needs seated a few times... I like to clean them with an alcohol swab before replacement... there's alot of contacts there... : )
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