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I'm adding some extra fans to my case and want to know how I should set up the power for the fans. My mobo has support for 3 fans plus the cpu fan. I'm going to have an intake in the front and the bottom, 2 exhaust at the top and one in the back. Also, I'm going to add an additional fan to my enermax ets t40 cpu cooler for the push/pull cooling. I know that I have to connect the cpu cooler to the mobo, but what about the 2nd fan I'm attaching to it? Which one goes in the cpu slot on the mobo, the push or pull, and can I molex the other one or does it have to go in one of the other mobo slots?

So, which fans should I have hooked to my mobo and which do I have going blast all the time with molex power?
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  1. Hi there :)

    Hook either the push or pull fan into the CPU fan header and then plug the other one is the other fan header. In addition, I would plug in the most quiet fan of your bunch to a molex, that way the noise wont be too bothersome.

    Now back to the CPU fans, yes you can connect one of them to the molex but it would be nice to control the fan speeds of both of them.

    So if I read this right, you have 3x fan header plus 1x CPU fan header. So hook it up like this:

    Push- CPU Fan Header
    Pull- Alternative Fan Header
    Intake- Molex (for full speed, hopefully this fan should be quiet compared to the rest)
    Bottom- Molex (full speed)
    Rear- Molex
    Top 1 - Alternative header
    Top 2 - Alternative header
    If I were in your position, I would do that. I prefer the intake fans to run at full speed to draw in as much cool air.
  2. Cool, thanks for the advice!
  3. No problem, just out of curiosity are all these fans the same model? If not, list them. I can see if I can order them from most quiet to loudest in order to aid you in what to connect to the power supply directly.
  4. Well 3 of them came with my case which is the thermaltake overseer rx1. Then I ordered these.

    If you're wondering why they're all different kinds, it's because I started off just getting case fans and ordered an intake fan for the bottom. Then after I submitted that order, I decided to get an air cooler, so I got an extra enermax fan to go with the brand of air cooler I ordered. Then I decided to go with an extra exhaust at the top so I got the cooler master.... Anyway, my case fans are dead silent right now, but they're plugged in to the mobo, so I'm not sure if they're on full bast or not.
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