Will this Graphics card fit and work?

Hey everyone. Bear with me I'm new to this and not that good with computers :/

Basically I have a Packard Bell iXtreme M3720

Current Card(chip): Nvidia GeForce 7100 / Nvidia nForce 630i
Processor: Intel(r) Core(TM) 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHZ 2.50GHZ
64bit Operating System
Windows 7
PCU is 250w

I want to get http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Evga-Nvidia-Geforce-GT-520-1GB-DDR3-Memory-Pci-e-HDMI-Gaming-Pc-Graphics-Card-/110801182477?pt=UK_Computing_Computer_Components_Graphics_Video_TV_Cards_TW&hash=item19cc43df0d#ht_2793wt_1344

or if the link expires:Evga Nvidia Geforce GT 520 1GB DDR3 Memory Pci-e HDMI Gaming Pc Graphics Card.

Will it fit and work with my comp? If not where can I find a similarly priced product that would do the trick since I can't run any games without a fps of about 10 with most games past 2007.
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  1. Unfortunately that card will probably only run games at 10fps anyway. If you want to upgrade, you'll have to upgrade your Graphics Card and Power Supply.
  2. I'd suggest a 6450, low profile.
  3. would you fellas recommend any graphics card in the Uk between £30-50? Thanks for the info. I'm not looking to run any recently new games, just stuff like Arma 2 and Company of Heroes, so max a game from 2008, also I don't mind playing with v.low settings in most games. Thanks again for the help.
  4. after looking around, talking to people and watching some videos the Geforce 520 seems like a fine Gcard for my purposes, can I ask if it would be compatible with my comp. I'll still look up any other recommendations but I'd like to know if the 520 is at least compatible with my comp. Thanks again :)
  5. The 520 is compatible, but it is a very horrible card.

    Unfortunately, you are in kind of a run with the power supply, unless you want to upgrade the power supply, you are kinda limited.

    Depending on the number of amps on the 12V rail of that power supply, the max I would consider recommending is the 6450. If the 12V rail specification turns out to be alright, then the Radeon 6570 might be alright.
  6. Yea, you are very limited to the cards you get with the power supply you have. The 6450 is your best option.
  7. Thanks. I maybe should have added that I am getting a 500w supply as I have realised the PSU problem with this comp :) Just gonna get a simple cheap 1 like a Alpine 500w. If there are any cards that will run with a 500w for a cheapish price would be helpful to know. Thanks for all the help fellas!
  8. Don't know how cheap, but you are able to run a 6870 or GTX 560, if you need more budget oriented a 7770, 6850, or 550 Ti
  9. Not sure how good the quality of that PSU is among other really nice ones. Either way, it should be able to run some cards alright, like a 6770 or maybe a 6850.
  10. Thanks all for the info, will look into a new card after a holiday. Thanks for the suggestions
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