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Hi there, yesterday i ordered an Xbox 360 and i was also going to order an Avermedia HD DVR but i'm not sure if it supports screenshot taking. This is one of the main reasons i want a capture card, to take screenshots. I don't plan on recording footage, just small clips of cut scenes. So are there any good devices that does both of these? And hopefully under $100? :sweat:
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    the Avermedia HD DVR does record video. When i used to record game play i would keep it video format. You can always pause and screen shot.

    you can also convert video to lots and lots of picture files then pick the ones you want.

    hope this helps.

    ps, you could just take pictures of your TV... JK JK lolz
  2. @inerax I know but i want a screenshot function. I use fraps to take screenshots at random moments in my games, and right now my screenshot folder is well over 24000 screenshots O.o That should be enough to prove that i take a lot of screenshots :P Recording an entire gaming session and then getting screens after would take really long, i would prefer to use some sort of remote or button. And t didn't help sorry... Are you saying i can take screens directly from my computer?

    I heard that you can use a tv tuner and connect it directly to your pc and with the right software you could take screenshots from there, with fraps, anyone know if this is true?
  3. LOL sorry. I had multiple toms forums up and posted the wrong wrong one.

    Was I wanted to say is when you put it on your computer you can break up the video files into many picture files.

    I used to do this with fraps. I would record then convert to pic files for the screen shots.
  4. I don't want to record the entire gameplay but it doesn't seem like i have much of an option since the only way i saw of making screenshots is the option you said. The quality of the screenshots you made, are they good quality? And if so, do you have any samples i can see? Thanks in advance :)
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