Anything better than a GTX 480?

Are there any other graphics cards in terms of performance and watt usage besides a GTX 480?

And is no more than $220?

I currently have a 550ti.
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  1. There's a GTX 560ti, which is much more power efficient; but it's not better than a GTX 480 in terms of raw performance.
  2. performance per watt there's plenty of cards that's better. performance per dollar? almost none.

    for $220, a 560ti or a 6950 from AMD's your best bet for a meaningful upgrade. but even then, it's not a huge step up... if you have a PSU that can handle the 480 and good case air flow, there's no reason to not get it
  3. 7850 is the most efficient graphics available(130watt) for 250$.
    but if you can find 480 at 200$ there isn't any better choice.
  4. Are you looking at the 480 for $200 from newegg? That's the best video card deal hands down right now. If I didn't buy a 680 I would've gone with that.
  5. Well, I suggested an ASUS DCII Top GTX 560 Ti (from newegg, don't know if it has the same deal) to another member. And that is probably worth a buy because of the clocks and the cooler. But as Ironslice has said, the 480 performs better than the GTX 560 Ti. Especially at that price you mentioned at $220.
  6. at the price of ~200, no the 480 is the top power performer disregarding possible heat and power consumption. to beat it, you will probably need at least a 7870, which is another 100$ at least more. as everything else before it is more or less equal to some extent.
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