Can i run GTX570 Gigabyte & GTX570 asus in sli

Can i run a Gigabyte GTX570 & Asus GTX570 in sli? If no why? If yes,are you sertain that they'll run ok. also what min.psu would I be ok to use,my Thermaltake 750watt toughpower? Is that enough, or do I need more power? Thanx. Gwarpta
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  1. yes you can. as for the PSU... if its actually 750W it would be fine. but since its a thermaltake and they tend to sell junk PSUs you had better check reviews and the 12V rail. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it can't safely put out what they say. lot of money to trust to a bad psu
  2. Yes, you can run it in SLI. As long as the sub-catergory coincides (57x ... HD 6850 and 6870....6950 ad 6970), then the two cards can be SLI'ed.

    Your power supply has enough wattage but make sure it is a reputable brand you can rely on. If the PSU is poorly manufactured, it an break when stressed under load and possibly, explode in your case.
  3. Thermaltake has few different tiers of PSUs, the toughpower is a pretty solid PSU. Should do just fine. The board partners ie (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI) recommend using two of the same, but of course they do. They want you to buy two their cards!
  4. Yes its a 750W thermaltake toughpower! sorry for that miss-up!! thanx for your replys,advice greatfuly recieved! Many thanx. GwArpta :-)
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