Building questions.

Hey everyone, new to the website. But have been here several times for advice that has been easily found thanks to all of you enthusiasts.

I am building my first Gaming rig and I am here to get some advice and help to building a PC on a budget of 1000$ mainly for games up and coming such as Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft's Mist of Pandaria.

I was looking into processors and I was extremely interested in Intel's Ivy Bridge i7's. I am specifically looking into the i7 3770k. I don't plan to over clock as it is 3.5 and 3.9 on the turbo. Which is plenty for me.
- That being said here are my questions. -
-Do I need an after market fan such as the NH - D14 to keep it cool if I am not overclocking is the stock fan just fine?
- Also, with a mid tower, will I be able to fit such a fan into my case (case still undecided, open to opinions with good wiring storage and airflow)?
- Aside either of those questions, do I really need to get such a powerful processor for games as those or is the i5 3570 a better go?

Taking a further look into my questions, I come to storage. I want to run a smaller SSD for windows and those games and I was curious as to how large windows really is. I want to get a 64g ssd to load up windows along with WoW and guild wars. I want to be sure that those will all fit on 64 gigs without issue.
I'll also be running a 1TB secondary 7200RPM for other files.

Graphics cards, the big question for me. I recently bought a XFX R6770 Core Edition 1GB DDR5. Is this a suitable card or should I look into upgrades?

Motherboards, I know I want to go with a Z77, just not sure which. Open to suggestions.

Thanks for you input!
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  1. i5 3450
    Gigabyte Z77 ud5h/Asrock z77 extreme 4
    g skill 2×8gb or 4×4 gb ddr3
    Gigabyte gtx 670
    Fsp 650w aurum gold psu
    corsair carbide 500r
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  3. for gaming; stick to the i5. you're not gonna see a lot of performance increase going with more than 4 cores. when the time does come where games utilizes 6+ cores, a quad core isn't going to go obsolete straight away.

    since you don't plan to OC, no, you don't necessarily need an after market cooler, though having one doesn't hurt. the NH-D14 is fine cooler, but for your usage, you're better off with a Hyper 212 EVO at most, seeing how you don't wish to overclock.

    note as well if you don't OC, stick with a non-K i5 at most, i.e; i5-3450

    whether or not an aftermarket cooler fits in a midtower depends on the size of the cooler and the case. you should also worry about high profile RAM if you're going for a big cooler.

    based on my laptop, a minimal install of W7 should get you close to 20-30GB depending on what else you're installing.

    your GPU should be fine as most MMORPGs aren't all that demanding. if you do feel like getting an upgrade there's the 6850, 6870, 560, 560ti, or the 7850 at worse.

    Z77 will do you fine. if you're looking to cheapen the price a bit, there's the B75 and H77 boards, especially if you're serious about not OCing. there's not a lot of performance difference anyway between them in gaming
  4. the intel heat sinks have a flaw that intel will not fix even though a lot of system builders and people have email them back and said for them to get rid of there plastic clip legs. the issue is if you dont line the clips up right you can bent them so they dont lock or i seen people snap the heat sink leg off. search toms and most over heating cpu are new builds that the plastic heat sinks are not locked all the way down. the better heat sinks are ones with metal legs and a back plate. with case sizes it depends on the layout of the case i seen some nice mid size case be able to use long video cards. the best thing with larger case it gives you more room to work with. (dont have to shoe horn stuff. (may have to by one or two cable extenders.
    best gaming cases now going to have large fan on bottom of case pulling air in and one or two on top. with a good case you want toss some cash on a good power supply. with the z mb the 150-200 is the sweet spot where the mb have everything you need in a good layout. just make sure the mb says sli and crosfire. a lot of the low end cheapies are 16 and 4x on the video slots not 8x and 8x.
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